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The website of guitarist Yasmin Williams.

"As Leo Tolstoy once expressed, “Music is the shorthand of emotion”.  It expresses the inexpressible. Music makes us dance. It makes us think, laugh, scream or cry; and, when it comes to Yasmin Williams, music makes us feel." - NYU Palladium

"Yasmin is a unique talent. Her melodies pack a poignant dose of resonance and levity – a testament of the quiet confidence that comes across in her performances." - NYU Palladium

"Yasmin Williams, who strummed, drummed and plucked her acoustic guitar to create a plethora of sound, created the effect of multiple instruments playing at once." - Washington Square News

"Yasmin Williams would take Trace Bundy to school. Outstanding!" - Scott, Instagram User

"Watching NYU senior Yasmin Williams perform is mesmerizing. Her music is gorgeously mellow and rhythmic, but the most captivating part of her performance is the way she plays the guitar." - studybreaks.com


Yasmin Williams is an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist with an unorthodox, modern style of playing. She utilizes various techniques including alternate tunings, percussive hits, and lap tapping techniques in her music to great effect. She has won various local talent shows, was a finalist in the Rolling Stones Young Gun guitar competition, was the Grand Prize winner of New York University's Ultra Violet Live talent show, and was the Grand Champion of Culpeper Has Talent. She grew up in northern Virginia where various genres of music from smooth jazz to hip-hop were played in her household. She was introduced to the guitar after playing the video game Guitar Hero in 2009. She begged her parents to buy her a real electric guitar and once she received her first guitar and amplifier, she taught herself how to play the guitar by ear. After a few years of playing the electric guitar, she taught herself how to play the bass guitar, 12 string guitar, and classical guitar and eventually decided to switch her focus to the acoustic guitar because she discovered the music of other spectacular acoustic guitarists. Her first EP, Serendipity, is available online via her SoundCloud page. She is currently finishing her first album, due to be released in April 2018.


Photographer: Michael Greenberg

Musician: Yasmin Williams