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Yo! So I recorded a new song yesterday, but still can't come up with a name for it (other than Untitled #2947). So I'm holding a contest of sorts. Listen to the song and leave a name suggestion in the comments! I'll pick whichever one I like the most by the end of this week (Oct. 6)! You can leave a comment on my YouTube channel or simply email me a name!

Here's my tour schedule for September and early October! I’m playing several shows this month so come out and hang!

Sept-Oct 2019 Shows.png

Top moments of playing at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on the Millennium Stage:

1. Playing with Ariel Horowitz, Be Steadwell, and Ysaye Barnwell, all seriously awesome and talented musicians. Top 3 best shows I've ever played.
2. A deaf man walking up to me and telling me that he couldn't hear all of my music but could feel it and it made him cry. Woah.
3. Literally playing at the Kennedy Center was amazing in itself.
4. Playing my Skytop Guitars custom in such an awesome space. Guitar tone was 10/10.
5. Having an artist assistant for the first time at a gig. Shout out to Sarah.
6. My brother taking this super classy picture.
If you want to see the show, here's the livestream: http://www.kennedy-center.org/video/index/M69581

Photo: Jessie Washington

Photo: Jessie Washington

Here are the shows I’m playing in June! Another show has been added in Richmond on June 30, where I’ll be playing with the awesome group “Baer and the Lady”! I also recently received my new custom Skytop Guitar! Check out the gear page for pictures.


Check out my interview and the world premiere of my piece “New Beginnings” in Acoustic Guitar Magazine! In the interview, I discuss how I started playing guitar, my early influences, and my compositional process, (and the merits of smooth jazz). I also give tips and tricks on how to tackle “New Beginnings.” Click the picture below to read the interview and check out the transcription of “New Beginnings” here: acousticguitar.com/new-beginnings-a-contemplative-study-by-yasmin-williams/

Songwriters’ Association of Washington Gold Award

I won the Gold Prize in the instrumental category of the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest presented by the Songwriters’ Association of Washington! What a great way to start 2019! Click the picture for tickets to the awards gala where I will be performing my winning piece live!

Thanks so much to Greenpeace for using my song “Guitka” in their end of the year video: “Reasons For Hope.” I firmly stand by their mission to make the world a more hospitable place for all of us!

Here is my newest song called I Wonder! Hope ya'll enjoy!

My album got reviewed in Vintage Guitar Magazine! Click here to read the review!



My first custom guitar build is in the works! So excited! Keep up with my new guitar build with Skytop Guitars on Dream Guitars’s blog!


Guitar + Kalimba = GuitKa. I used tap shoes to add percussion to the song. Hope ya'll enjoy!